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Universidad de La Salle (Colombia) is pleased to announce opportunities to teach through our International La Salle Summer Academy in June 2022. The invitation is addressed to faculty members from selected partners – such as YU – interested in participating as visiting scholars. The language of instruction is English.

We are seeking proposals for syllabus that can integrate and analyze subjects which can be relevant for students from various academic backgrounds.

Course requirements:

  • Dates: from June 15th to 30th
  • Courses are expected be taught in-person at our campus;
  • 40 hours of classroom contact.

Requirements for Visiting Faculty:

  • Must have a PhD or currently be a PhD candidate;
  • Courses must be taught in English;

Universidad de La Salle will provide the Visiting Faculty with:

  • Stipend of COP 4.510.000 (approx. USD 1,100 depending on exchange rate);
  • Accommodation: single room on campus for the duration of the course;
  • Airfares: roundtrip (Economy class);
  • Breakfast and lunch in campus cafeteria;
  • Cultural activities planned on the weekends.

In case you are interested in participating or you know someone from you institution that might be interested, please find the link to our Open Call for Proposals:

Call for Proposals will be open until March 14th 2022.

In addition, we can also set up an information webinar for interested faculty members, in which we can give more details about the International Summer Academy 2022. Please indicate your preferred availability using this Doodle:


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