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Center for International Education La Salle (CIEL) promotes the internationalization of all members of our community by establishing academic collaboration agreements with institutions, organizations and partnerships abroad and stimulating international activities at home.

CIEL offers the following services:

Where are we?


Francisco Murguía #19, Casa Rosa

Opening Hours

Monday to Friday

from 9:00 to 14:00 and 16:00 to 18:00

Academic Exchange

Special Programs

Welcome to the Special Programs Office of the Center for International Education, La Salle University, Mexico City.

We offer short term academic programs for international students, faculty and administrators. We specialize in preparing high quality academic programs, combined with professional site visits and cultural activities designed according to your institution requirements for a period of a week to four weeks, or even an entire semester.

Acquire or improve your Spanish language skills, learn about the rich Mexican culture, and participate in a specialized academic program such as Public Health, Business, Public Safety.
The outstanding facilities at La Salle University along with the cultural and historical wealth of Mexico City combine to create a unique and unforgettable learning experience.
We invite you to review the information on Mexico, La Salle University and on the Special Programs that we have offered in the past.

Every summer we promote our Summer Language and Culture Program that covers Spanish language acquisition, Mexican history and culture courses, and cultural activities. An intensive and complete three week program in the best location in Mexico City! This is a program open to groups, with a minimum 10 participants needed to open the program.

Join us and be ready to have the intercultural experience of a lifetime.


Sander Verkijk

Special Programs
Francisco Murguía #19, Col. Condesa, 06140, Ciudad de México
☏ (+52- 55) 5278-9508/ 5278 9500 ext. 3304

Spanish for foreigners

  • 100% on-site classes every morning. Intensive courses from Monday to Friday, 2 and a half hours per day, level up every month until you reach your goal.
  • In the afternoons we have another option: online classes; semi-intensive courses, 3 classes per week, 1 and a half hour long, complete the course in 6 weeks.
  • 100% Mexican qualified teachers
  • Small group classes
  • There are also private individual classes to learn at your own pace
  • Group classes are for people over 18 years of age.

Our method

You will learn Spanish with an interactive, systematized, innovative digital method designed by experts in the teaching of Spanish in order to gradually advance through different levels.

Make your registration completely online, and fill out your registration form to start the process.

Semi-intensive courses

Online and/or hybrid/ 27 hours

Duration: 6 weeks

Digital material

Afternoon Class

Schedule: Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 5:30 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.

▸ 27 hours of online class with a teacher

▸ 27 hours of individual work at home interacting with digital material

Level of Spanish available: A1.1; A1.2; A2.1; A2.1; B1.1; B1.2

Cost: $4,000.00 pesos (material not included)

Intensive Courses

ON-CAMPUS/ 45 hours

Duration: 18 classes of two and half hours, almost a month of classes

Schedule: Monday to Friday from 10:00 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.

Printed or e- book material

▸ 45 hours face to face hours of classes on campus with a teacher

Available levels: A1.1; A1.2; and A2.1; A2.1 and B1.1; B2 and C1

Cost: $6,200.00 pesos (material not included)

Spanish levels

We have 6 Spanish courses, online or on-site, based on the CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages). Levels B2 and C1 are available only in the on-site presential intensive courses.

How do I know the level for my Spanish course?

If you already know your Spanish level from previous courses you have taken, directly request the level you want on your registration form.

If you do not know what your Spanish level is, start your registration process, ¡fill out your registration form now! and we will send you a link for your online placement test. Soon we will let you know your Spanish level.


6-week courses, 54 hours

Classes 3 times per week

Course price: $4,000.00 (material not included)

Curse 1
Registration date: January 3 to 6
Course: from January 9 to February 20

Course 2
Registration date: February 13 to 20
Course: From February 22 to April 5

Easter Holidays
No classes from April 1 to 16


Course price: $6,200.00 (material not included)

Registration date: January 3 to 10
Course: from January 11 to February

Registration date: January 30 to February 3
Course: February 8 to March 3

Registration date: February 27 to March 3
Course: March 7 to 31

Easter Holidays
No classes from April 1 to 16

How do I pay for my Spanish course?

Once you have sent your registration request, when the group is complete, we will send you the bank information of the University so that you can make a transfer and pay for your course.

How do I pay for the material for my Spanish course?

To speed up the process of delivering your access code to the material and platform of your course, after you have received the confirmation of the group opening, you can purchase and pay directly at the following link:

The cost of your access license is 17.36 euros with a validity of 1 year.

We leave you a support instruction to make your purchase on the Edinumen page.

¿How do I start my course?

After completing your registration, paying for your course, and obtaining your access license, your teacher will contact you by e-mail to send you an invitation to join your online class.


Edna Garcia

Spanish for foreigners
Francisco Murguía #19, Col. Condesa, 06140, Ciudad de México
☏ (+52- 55) 5278-9508/ 5278 9500 ext. 3306



Roberto Pozos

Roberto Pozos

CIEL Coordinator
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Óscar Sánchez de Tagle

Head of Administrative Support
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Liliana Alcántara

Head of Academic Exchange
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Sander Verkijk

Sander Verkijk

Head of Special Programs
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Olga Meza

Olga Meza

Head of Teaching Internationalization
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Edna García

Edna García

Head of Spanish for Foreigners
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Carlos Castañeda

Operations Management
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Tania Santillan

Visiting Scholar Services
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